2013 Environmental Art & Science Fair Project Ideas

This is the fun part – any project that promotes keeping our creeks and the ocean clean can be entered! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make a "Put It Here" litter can. Can you create a work of art out of a trash can?
  • Pick up litter around Morgan Hill and display your findings - What did you learn?
  • Create a photo journal relating to clean creeks - Display your beautiful portraits.
  • Oil Polluting - How does one drop of oil affect our drinking water?
  • Clean Creek Art - Create a collage or maché art featuring the life of local creeks or an ocean. Perhaps you could sculpt a Sea Otter out of recycled newspaper. What can you think of?
  • Video Project - interview classmates about littering habits - Why do they litter?
  • What are the effects of plastic bags and trash on our creeks and in the ocean?
  • Count the number of garbage cans in fast food restaurant parking lots. Is there less litter when there are more cans available?
  • Study the amount of litter near schools vs. other areas in the city - Do kids litter more?

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. You can use one of them or come up with your own unique idea. There is no wrong idea. Just do something that teaches your family or friends to keep our creeks and oceans clean!

Call Andi, our project coordinator, at 310-4169 and she will help you work on your idea.

Click Here To Download the 2013 Environmental Art & Science Fair Entry Form